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Securing your lavish lifestyle is

you thought.

You’ve got an income but never seem to have enough, settled for a subpar living space, and move money from your savings to your checking more times than you’re comfortable admitting.

We've all been there!

Fortunately, I’ve got plenty of (easy-to-implement) ways to help you upgrade your finances, your living space, and your overall lifestyle!

harder than

Raise your standards to upgrade your                    


RaZin Standards inspires…

young professionals and luxury lovers to curate their ideal lifestyle while simultaneously keeping their coins in tact.

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from this!

You currently deal with…

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Lack of discipline with your money and slow progress towards financial growth

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Feeling disorganized and unable to follow through on plans

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Dissatisfaction with your living space and thinking you cannot afford to improve it

to this!

Now picture this. You...

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Have mastered assessing your finances and refining your money habits for the long-term

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Implement realistic comprehensive goals to set you up for a prosperous lifestyle

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Achieved livable luxury in your space and love coming home every day

So, how do you achieve your lavish lifestyle if it is                          

too expensive?

I provide the solutions you need!

We sometimes view budgeting with a scarcity mindset and treat it like a diet… with ​unrealistic limitations that are very short lived.


My goal is to help you see what your lavish and affordable lifestyle can look like for the long haul.

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Hey! I'm Rachelle

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I started budgeting in undergrad with pennies in my bank account.

And by graduation, I had grown a $10,000 savings by working during semester breaks. But as I entered into post college adulthood and was faced with life expenses, I quickly realized that my financial habits would need to adjust.


I trial-and-errored my way through personal finance in my early 20s, so that others wouldn't have to. Now with my own budgeting system and a fresh outlook, I can travel the world on a dime, create lavish spaces around me for the low, and fully indulge in the daily luxuries of life.


I recently attended a financial literacy webinar hosted by Rachelle, where she provided easy and attainable tips and tricks to navigate through personal finances. I was able to learn and develop necessary strategies to make smart financial choices daily!

Current financial rules are designed to keep wealth in the hands of few, and not understanding the fundamentals leave people defenseless. Mastery of money affords us life choices that would not otherwise be available! Thank you, RaZin Standards for providing knowledge and best practices to maneuver the financial landscape in preparation for long term success.

- Cassidy Harry


You deserve your dream space...

and it's about time you got it. Here is where luxury meets affordability.

Upgrade your space for a FRACTION of the traditional interior design cost with my eDesign packages!

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