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Bedroom (108 sq. ft.)

RZ WEB_Alcove (1).png


The existing space was a 108 square foot room with a twin sized bed, small desk, tv, kitchenette area, and gray tiled flooring. The goal was to brighten this space, add color, and make it cozier with a fresh coat of paint and new furnishings. A full-sized bed was added for more comfort and the amount of seating in the space was increased. Plenty of accent lighting was also added including a battery powered wall lamp above the bed. To hide the a/c unit while still allowing proper air flow, an easy to build cover was included.

The kitchenette area was maintained in the room and the location was shifted to allow for better use of the full work desk. The existing floors were maintained and dressed up with layered area rugs!

Alcove Before (existing).png

Client granted permission to share photos for the purpose of Before and After comparisons. Identifiable features are removed or blurred from original photos.

​I use a detailed 3D modeling process to replicate any existing features that a client wants to keep in the room (like the wall color, flooring, furniture pieces, etc.). In this room, the existing floors and built-in desk were maintained.

Alcove Before (3d).png
Alcove After (3d).png


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