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Studio Apartment - Main Area (271 sq. ft.)



The existing space was a 271 square foot main area in a studio apartment with neutral walls and lots of natural lighting. The goal was to clear up the space and give it a fresh start with all new furniture pieces. The client also wanted plenty of concealed storage and a closed off bedroom area while keeping all improvements renter friendly. All elements shown in the visual (furnishings, shelving, art, etc.) fell right within the client's $1.5K décor budget at $1,497 by using a combination of DIYs and affordable furniture pieces in the room! Instructions for DIY ideas are included in the Standard & Premium eDesign Packages!

The existing TV and full size mattress were maintained in the space along with a few knick-knack items placed on the shelves.

Client granted permission to share photos for the purpose of Before and After comparisons. Identifiable features are removed or blurred from original photos.

​​I use a detailed 3D modeling process to replicate any architectural features or existing items that a client wants to keep in the room (like the wall color, flooring, furniture pieces, etc.). In this room, the existing wall mounted TV and full sized bed mattress were maintained.

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