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Dinning Room Interior


100% Virtual Service

Select a package option below!

Residential Packages

Small/ Partial Packages

Business Packages

For rooms in your apartment, house, etc.

For residential spaces up to 115 square feet!

For small businesses: salons, shops, cafés, etc.


Step 1

Pick a package!

After choosing a package, you will immediately receive an initial email with a design style survey, agreement, and measuring guide. This is your opportunity to provide photos & dimensions of your space, and to explain your needs! Once this is all received back, I begin developing your customized design!

Step 2

All about you!

From there, I begin by reading through your Design Style survey and explanations telling me all about your style and needs for the space. Based on the information received from you, I will either respond with follow-up questions about your space or with details of my next steps!

Step 3


Next, I will begin to develop the initial design concepts based on the details you have provided. I will review the room photos and measurements sent over and begin drafting a detailed visual replicating your space. This includes all the important details like windows, outlet locations, etc.

Step 4

Planning & Research.

During this phase, I determine a plan that optimizes the overall function and look of your space including, furniture placement, décor, colors, materials, etc. Design suggestions come from hours of personalized research on my end to select pieces that fit your personal style, budget, and needs!

Step 5

Organize & Provide!

Lastly, I will put together your full eDesign package. In a PDF document, I compile your itemized shopping list and detailed notes with steps on how to carry out the design in your space! This is sent (emailed) your way along with your 3d visuals! Take a look at each eDesign Package for specifics on what is included in each.

The FAQs got moved! Find them here!

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